Sunday, March 15, 2009


While I spent most of my Sunday here,

Victoria apparently went on to work on the perfect gluten free batter for Crepes.
After I pointed out a recent blog post by this Blogger:

where I watched a video about a Crepe stand in Malaysia of all places, I really wanted Crepes. Victoria came through.

I love Crepes. In Austria, which long time ago was a really big empire with a varied cuisine, we call Crepes "Palatschinken". Those thin pancakes did not originate in France, but in Hungary, which way back was part of Austria. Of course. You knew that. Right?

Catholic as the continent is, on Friday you eat no meat. Austria being landlocked, substituted many of the standard Friday fish savory food with sweet dishes as a main course instead of dessert.

Apricot dumplings, huge portions of apple strudel with vanilla sauce and of course Palatschinken with all sorts of fillings. History lesson over.

So Victoria took a standard recipe, substituted the all purpose flour with her own gluten free mix and went on to prepare me the best dinner of the week. Really, a Crepe does not need all that much flour to begin with, just a bit to bind the batter.

The key is to have a good pan, heat it well and be quick when running the dough into the pan.
Nothing beats a half dozen Crepes with all those sweet fillings. Apricot jam, Lingonberry sauce (from IKEA) with whipped cream and the king of all Crepes, Nutella with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream.

Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Looks good! But my question is, are they crispy enough to fold into a taco shape and stay there where it can hold my corn and peanuts? :)

Nicole said...

Mmmmmm Palatschinken. I need to go to Austria on a Friday now! Sounds good. Lorne makes crepes all the time. My favorite ones are mixed berries with whipped cream and broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce. I want to try making a meat filling too.

Hey, do you happen to have any photos of Austria that you taken that you wouldn't mind sharing? I could look up pictures on google, but I'm sure yours would be a lot nicer and more real. You take really great pictures by the way :o)Just wondering.

H.Peter said...

Did you see the machine in Penang?
That was a huge oven with lids and all...
My pan is little and flat. They are fluffy and crispy around the edge.

H.Peter said...

Hi Nicole,

yes, make sure you go on a Friday...back to meat on saturday!

Search Austria on my Blog, I posted a few images before.

GFE--gluten free easily said...

Oh, my! What a wonderful treat!


Anonymous said...

I love making crepes. They are so good. When I visited my parents, I made gluten free crepes for my mom with my never-fail crepe recipe (although substituted with GF flour).

I could go for some crepes right now.