Thursday, February 26, 2009


The hardware capital of China. If you own a generic frying pan or pot, chances are it was made in this city.
Arrived today late afternoon, about a good 6 hrs by car from Shanghai. It did test my patience to get here today. The driver originally estimated it to take 4 1/2 hours....but so it goes in China.

The first factory tour was finished around 7 m and of course that means just in time for dinner.
Not really a culinary capital it seems, we actually had a hard time to find a place that was open at 8pm. But we got fed. Good. A simple restaurant had some great flavors.
The standout dish of the night was a plate of candied, caramelized sweet potatoes, which I have to say, really impressed me. Very similar to the caramelized apples or bananas you would get in a Calgary restaurant, cold water bowl included. Just with sweet potatoes.

Scrambled eggs with onions, chicken with mushrooms, plain fried rice for my not so adventurous
client and a few more tasty plates rounded out a pleasant first night in this town. More factories and food tomorrow.


GFE--gluten free easily said...

Candied, caramelized sweet potatoes--they get my vote!


H.Peter said...

They were very good.
I have never seen them outside of China.