Monday, December 08, 2008


Yes, Crab apples. Those tiny red apples most of us only eat in the form of jelly. Leave it to China to turn such a tiny fruit into a complete snack food industry. The Chinese name is Shan Zha.

Everywhere you go, in the city outside the shopping mall, at truck stops and in the country side you see vendors on bike, or food stalls selling this delicious treat on a stick.

Usually eight of these sour Manchurian Crab apples are cored and covered in a coat of caramel. Possibly the best chocolate replacement I have ever tasted. Yes, I am a chocoholic, but the selection in China is not all that good. So this fruity treat is my balance to all the salt and spice I have to eat when there.

Lately I have seen more candied fruits in city locations, such as Strawberries and Kiwi. Some of the apples are filled with colorful creamy fruit pastes, still all Gluten Free.
That just might be a good idea for Stampede vendors next year. Fifty cents is the most I paid for a stick in China......BARGAIN!


Nicole said...

What a good idea! those look good! I like candy apples, but they are too big for me to finish so I never buy them. I have made them before and they are super easy to make. Too bad crab apples are out of season now because these would be fun to make!

Anonymous said...

they look good. Crabapplekabobs!

Travis Ingersoll said...

I lived in China for a year (around 2003) and ate these all the time! I love this sweet treat. I had no idea that they were crabapples! I'll be returning in May of 2009 with a group of colleagues and students from Widener University. I can't wait to chow down on these again!!

H.Peter said...

Depending on where yougo, but in bigger cities such as Shanghai, they also offer strawberries with the same caramel coating.

Yes, Crab Apples. I agree. Who would have known. here this specific type is called Siberian crab apple.