Friday, November 07, 2008


In the US when it come groceries, besides the mammoth chains of Safeway and Vons, you actually got some alternative choices like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.

TJ is a more down market, organic version of the yuppified Whole Foods chain. No glam, just good, unique food from around the world at amazing prices. Here in Canada we could use something like that.
Lot's to tell about this company, but just Google it and you will find some really quirky things about Joe's store. What fascinated me the most is the fact that they are actually owned by Theo Albrecht of ALDI fame. ALDI is one of Europe's largest grocery chains. A most secretive man. Together with his brother Karl, they are the richest Germans.

On our last visit to a Trader Joe's store, we focused on gluten free items they carry. The manager provided us with a 7 page list of GF pages! Pretty amazing, I have to say.
Lots and lots of wonderful organic products, unique foods from around the world, but not at all pricey. They learnt that from Uncle Albrecht I think. ALDI is THE discount grocery chain in the world. Next cheapest place would be the local food bank.

They are the exclusive vendor for "Two Buck Chuck" a Charles Shaw wine, which in most stores is selling for $1.99. A bargain at that price, but not for me, thank you.

Here are some images. They have those quirky signs all over the place. Their "flyer" is more a catalogue with stories about how they found some foods, specials of the week and excellent information on ingredients.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Cool looking place. I've never heard of it. All specialty stores are pretty cool.

It must have looked weird to others seeing you take photos in a grocery store. Were you wearing a tshirt that said tourist?

H.Peter said...

Ehm, yes it is pretty funny to see others stare and think why one is taking pictures of Grits.
The store manager did not mind after being told the reason.

It's worse in restaurants though.

Anonymous said...

Restaurants are fine as long as you're with other people.