Friday, November 28, 2008


Lauren again, taking the place of theceliachusband (who is currently in-flight to China). There will be posts a-plenty when he returns.

One picture does it all in the name of cheesecake.

I've been making this since our second month, and there has yet to be a weekend without a cheesecake since. It's too good, the customers just can't do without it!

Of course, I thought for celiacs the problem was always the crust...until I figured out that a lot of restaurants make the cheesecake itself using flour--so not even a taste from the top for those daring (or desperate?) enough just to get some of its creamy goodness.

Flour is just a way to cut back on using eggs (ohh science! oh cost-cutting technique!), but I find it to be a big no-no for a good cheesecake. Only the best. And for this rich and creamy pleasure for your mouth--besides the fabulous buttery crust created from our own cookies (am I making you drool yet?)--we have to thank Martha. Stewart that is. We have enjoyed this cheesecake recipe for as long as I can remember, few and simple ingredients, and an end result that is (to quote many customers) "the best cheesecake I've EVER had!"


Anonymous said...

We had this cheesecake last time and loved it! soooo good!

Nicole said...

It is the best cheesecake ever!

And now I'm hungry again :P

Lauren Jane Marie said...

I always hope at the end of each Saturday that there is one piece left. Last week I got lucky! This week, I don't think it will happen :(

No eating the profits! Unless of course its been weeks, there are plenty of other choices, and I decide quality control is in order :P

H.Peter said...

Greetings from Beijing.
Cheesecake looks fantastic.

More to come maybe tonight or tomorrow. Took some great pictures already.

Dana Wax said...

lauren you write so well! I'm really enjoying reading your posts!

And the cheesecake, oh but that does look delicious.

Doria said...

Thank you very much for your comment. I am very happy to read your blog and I like your cheesecake. I cook a cheesecake with lemon and it was very good.
My english is bad, sorry.
Good night,

A Canadian Foodie said...

Thank you Martha! Fantastic looking cake! YUM!