Sunday, November 09, 2008


Victoria already made a point that gluten free bread can taste very close to the real thing, using her flour mix.

GF Patisserie's bestselling products are her breads. All of her breads are well liked by her loyal customers. On a Saturday, even the freezer is empty.

For a while already I kept mentioning to Victoria that she should try to make noodles for the family, using her flour mix. And today she did. Now, for non Celiacs, with regular glutinous flour both wheat or semolina, you can produce some fantastic noodles. Nothing beats fresh Pasta with a good sugo or sauce.

Once a suitable recipe was found, Victoria went to work duplicating it with the gluten free flour mix from her bakery. Patience is one thing my wife has oodles (rhymes with noodles) of, much more than me.

And patience she needed to make this work.

The result is astounding to say the least. Hand cut gluten free noodles, we have to get a Pasta maker now, as the very first version was a bit too thick still and it would work much faster with one of those machines.


Nicole said...

Nice! I'm glad the pasta worked out!

Lorne bought his pasta maker about a year ago. He used to hand cut his pasta too. The pasta maker works great and is so much easier and quicker! I am glad he bought it.

By the way, it was nice meeting your wife and daughter yesterday :o)

H.Peter said...

Hi Nicole,

the Pasta worked out very well.
Served it with braised short ribs.

The girls told me about your visit too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The pasta looks a-fantastic (almost rhymes). I'm glad that worked out!

H.Peter said...

Pasta fantastica? maybe?

I could not believe it how well the mix turned into pasta. Gluten is key to anything with flour.

Anonymous said...

We'll have to have a pasta combination to see if there is much difference between the two! If not, I think you may just end up having the next million dollar idea!

Anonymous said...

And by what I wrote above, I meant to say pasta combination...

Anonymous said...

I did it again! I meant to say pasta competition!

Proof read, okay, there we go.

H.Peter said...

Got it!
Blind tasting and all?

Same sauce, different Pasta.

Elizabeth said...

Hi! I made glutenfree ravioli yesterday. It was great. I used to use a machine, but I've found it easier to roll out the dough on a g-f floured cloth. I think part of my problem was that my pasta machine was too small. So, if you get a pasta machine, make sure it's wide enough to accommodate a goodsize slab of dough.

Good luck!

H.Peter said...

Ah, Good point Elizabeth.

I saw a nice one online recently.
If we just keep making noodles for the famiglia, no need for a pasta maker.
But if GF Patisserie gets into the savory side of things.....Victoria will need one.

Any pics of your Ravioli?

Anonymous said...

I got my pasta maker from Williams Sonoma in Chinook Center. I paid about $100 for it, but it's worth every penny. It came with fettucini and spaghettini dies.

H.Peter said...

That store is amazing. Did you happen to see the Espresso machine they had in the window? For a measly 7000.00?

Love that machine. Or a nice car.
I think a car is better.