Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am getting ready for my final trip to China of the year, now that I have Lauren to post about GF Patisserie, that's perfect.
I will make an effort to write some stories from China.

Food seems to be top priority for chinese people, almost a ritual come to think of it. The images were taken in a factory kitchen, where I once visited. At sharp noon the boss told me "time to eat".

Me thinking Western, I wanted to finish business first, but he insited, because if we don't go NOW the workers will eat all the food. This is an artisan workshop with maybe 25 people.
All comes to a stop and they all line up for their lunch.

I have observed this all over China, not only in my suppleir's places, but in office buildings, city streets and elsewhere.

Food is their pleasure, food is their right.


Anonymous said...

Can I come with you to China? I'll be good!

H.Peter said...

Got a plane that can take us over the Pacific?

It will be my last trip until the Spring. So expect some stories

Anonymous said...

Actually, I do have access to planes that will get us overseas!

How long will you be there?

H.Peter said...

I am planning to be done in 7 days. My usual trip. In n' out.

Get the plane fueled, let's go in style.