Monday, October 27, 2008


A craving must be met. No matter the consequences, a craving needs satisfaction. Unconditional.

My usual vice is chocolate, a daily occurrence, but today, after reading a local food blogger's comments about an Italian restaurant made me want to eat noodles. And meat sauce.

Spaghetti Bolognese. I wanted have lunch at Antolini's, but just could not go today. It would be so much easier for me, no worries about the Celiacs in my family, just a noodle fest by myself!
I could have arranged a "business lunch", but let's face it, it would have been a sham to hide my cravings.

Guilt trips. Hate them. The whole family loves pasta. How can I go and eat Spaghetti and come home to brag about it? All my girls have those big blue eyes that can look so accusing and disappointed.

So I made it at home, for everybody, gluten free with Rizopia's white rice spaghetti and a good meat sauce. A few people asked me why i don't post recipes when I write about what I cook.

Well, I don't have any. The last time I used a cook book was 6 years ago, when real Italians came over for dinner and I made Osso Bucco. Did not want to screw that up.
But basically I just wing it, from the years in my mother's kitchen and some informal training.

So my meals hardly ever taste the same and nobody in the family complains too hard about it. They know there are tons of restaurants I can eat at if they complain too much.....without them, so they put up with my variations of classics.

Bolognese is maybe THE classic sauce for Pasta and every kid in Europe grows up eating it. I had my mother's sauce over and over,she never used a cook bok either.

Today, I had to add Shitake mushrooms, because Superstore did not get their mushrooms delivered. For the first time I also used a couple of cans with Cherry Tomatoes for the sauce and I have to tell you, they are amazing. If you have not tried them yet, it's time. Still a classic, but with variations.

Fresh cheese on top and everybody was happy. Even me.

But tomorrow, I might go to Antolini's.


Lauren Jane Marie said...

just what i've been wanting for a while actually. besides the risotto with chantrelles the other night.

i may never leave home...

Nicole said...

You sound like Lorne. He taught me how to use ingredients and what tastes good with what. Neither of us use a recipe unless it is for baking.

The meat sauce looks really good. I would take out the mushrooms though... yes, I am a picky eater. Just ask Lorne. I could eat the same 2 meals over and over again and be happy. Lorne is the one to make the fancy schmancy meals! Whenever my family comes over he usually makes dinner ;o)