Thursday, October 23, 2008


There is an endless debate every where if paying for a membership at Costco is worth it or not.

I made my mind up 10 years ago. YES, it is worth the money as the savings over a year add up to multiples of the membership fee. If you get the Executive card @ 100.00 annual fee, you get 2% cash back at the end of the year. 52 million people can't be wrong. The huge revenue generated just by selling membership cards, gives Costco a major negotiating power with their vendors. That sometimes explains those prices offered compared with other retailers around the nation.

If you don't fall for the $3000.00 DAUM Punch bowl, or a $459.00 Foosball table, the savings can be significant. Add to that special coupon offers for items like washing detergent, razor blades or similar products that we use daily, no other retailer can compete.
Yes, sometimes the size of certain items sold are somewhat "industrial", so watch out and only shop for what you and your family really needs.

What adds to the fun when shopping at Costco for me personally, is their every changing assortment of imported groceries, such as cheese, condiments and chocolates. Outside of small specialty cheese shops around town where else could you find a triple creme St. Andre Brie? Or this great Olive Tapenade from Greece?

-French Truffles anyone? Check.
-World's largest Toblerone? Check.
-Almond butter instead of peanut allergy? Check.
-Fresh flowers for wife after you bought the Foosball table? Check.

Did I mention the Hot Dog? That alone is worth teh drive to a Costco near you.


Anonymous said...

I like the pizza there. I can't justify a membership right now. Maybe someday. I like the free samples too. It's almost like a free lunch!

H.Peter said...

The smaller the family, the harder it is to shop at COSTCO.
Put the membership wish in a letter to Santa? Who knows.....