Saturday, October 04, 2008


Please click on the images to see better details of this new bread

Victoria has been tweaking a recipe for Raisin Bread over the last few weeks and today, Mrs. Perfect finally let me take pictures and tell you about the bread. About time.

Victoria is not using any pans to form the bread, so the loaves look like her bestselling gluten free sandwich bread in shape.

This bread however is very aromatic with a hint of cinnamon and loads of raisins.

Isabella already gave her stamp of approval today, but tomorrow morning she will be even more excited, because I plan to surprise her with a favorite breakfast of hers, French Toast with syrup and fresh berries. This Raisin Bread seems perfect for it.

P.S. Lauren & Victoria also came out with their first version of the ultimate hit item today. Still for family consumption only, I am sworn to secrecy and not allowed to say WHAT it is. But that's not like me, you know that. Let's just say you can use it for something from the grill and top it with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo and ketchup?


Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic! I love raisin bread!

Dana Wax said...

What a beautiful hunk of bread. I can practically smell it from here!

Now you've gone and gotten me wishing I had some bread around here for french toasts...sigh... :)

H.Peter said...

Yes, this Raisin bread makes fantastic Gluten Free French Toast.

I can eat any bread, but as of late, since eating more and more of Victoria's breads, I feel better than when i stuff my face with a whole Baguette...

Nicole said...

I love french toast! So, they made hamburger buns?

What are your guys' bakery hours? We would like to pick up something for my aunt that can be frozen. Lorne said he could pick something up on friday if it works out.

H.Peter said...

Hamburger Buns. But don't tell.
They are amazing.

Friday 10 - 5pm. Just ask Victoria what can be frozen

Nicole said...

I won't tell anyone. My lips are sealed :P

Okay, sounds good :o) Thanks!