Monday, October 06, 2008




Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Made me laugh!

Beautiful dog! We've got two just like it! Chihuahuas are great dogs! So very friendly!

H.Peter said...

Yes, I thought I need to joke around a bit.
I saw yours on your wife's Blog.

My daughter dragged me to this Chihuahua movie yesterday.....ehm, wait for the video.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I think Nicole wants to see that movie too. It would look weird if two grown ups went to see that movie without a kid. I think it can wait till video.

Is the dog named Hot dog?

Nicole said...

Cute!!! Don't you just love chihuahuas?! When we got Rudy he weighed a pound and Lorne was not sure about us having such a small dog. He was used to large dogs growing up. He now loves Rudy and Ellie-Mae! Large dogs are too hard for me to handle so I am glad Lorne let me get 2 small dogs.

That movie looks funny! And yes, we will wait till it comes out on video.

What's your dog's name?

Dana Wax said...

haha adorable!

we used to have basset hounds, which really were like giant hot dogs!

sorry to hear you had to see that beverly hills chihuahua movie though, yikes..