Friday, October 03, 2008


Much has been discussed lately in the media about the uncertain future of Calgary's only year round Farmer's Market. I think their lease is up a year from now, so there is still plenty of time to visit, no need to panic just yet.

I am sure somebody will come up with a solution to keep this market place open in a new location.
I stopped by today first time since May, just to see what's new and exciting. Same as in Bearspaw over the last two Sundays, there are more gift and non food vendors than in the spring. Nothing I need.

Food is a different matter.

I always stop by at The Stock & Sauce Company to buy some gluten free stock that I use for my roasts and gravy. Their veal stock is worth it, compared to time and labor it takes to make my own.

Phil &Sebastian's coffee place busy as usual, I don't line up for food or drink, so I moved on today. But their coffee is great.
Right next to them is a fish monger, called The North Sea Fish Market. Great quality, a bit expensive, but always good fish. Today they had a fish I've never seen before, golden color, smallish in size. I had to ask and it is a specialty trout from Idaho, the Gold Trout. Did not buy it....the color just did not match the fish in image....

It will be very interesting where the future location of this market is, but no matter where they move to, I am pretty sure people will show their loyalty to good vendors.


Anonymous said...

I remember the first time I went to the market there, I honestly thought "What an ugly building". Yeah, I know... but once we were in there we were blown away by how awesome the setup is in there. It's truly an amazing place and it will tough to see it move somewhere else, but it will probably just as good or a better location.

We bought sauces from The Sauce Company there. IT was really good and I'd do it again.

H.Peter said...

I agree with you. Ugly building, great contents.

Pretty sure they will find something suitable in the next twelve month to make the Buergers of Calgary happy

parking is the main issue. Nobody would want to pay for parking on top of high prices already.

Anonymous said...

Yeah no kidding. There are always hundreds of cars there. It would be terrible if we did have to pay to park.