Friday, September 12, 2008


While I was hopping around Europe, Victoria and Lauren added quite a few new items to the ever expanding list of fresh gluten free baked goods.

Today they were prepping for Saturday, which just like at most other bakeries turns out to be the busiest day of the week. No surprise, we all like good eats on the weekend.

Victoria came up with a great tasting gluten free crust for the cheesecake, while Lauren applied her skills to the finally arrived apple tarts. Credit to both, all is made from scratch, especially the apple filling for the tart. No can opener at GF PATISSERIE.

I remember well, when over 10 years ago, Victoria brought trays of her fantastic cheesecake to my warehouse, rich and very flavorful with loads of lemon and orange zest...great memories. Just one more thing on a long list she has going for her.

Also new is the Flax bread, added to the menu last weekend. Customers kept asking for bread with more fiber. Got it. See you Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

I must say, the cheesecake was FABULOUS! my mother-in-law absolutely loved it as well. I'll have to tell Victoria not to worry so much about the crust, it was delicious!