Sunday, September 28, 2008


To sell baked goods is great. To sell gluten free baked goods to people who are actually happy and thankful about it, is a very gratifying aspect at Victoria's bakery. I don't know this first hand, but from the stories Victoria tells me after she comes home from Cochrane. A very noteworthy reward for all the hours Lauren and Victoria pour into those creations.

Especially the joy she sees in children's eyes, when their parents buy a treat that's just made for them. Cupcakes, cookies and pies. So much to choose from. They all walk away happy, it does not get any better than that for any business.

The first day Victoria opened the doors at GF Patisserie, I took some pictures of the very first customers walking through the doors. Pat and Stuart first met Victoria at the Bearspaw Market, made the trip to Cochrane for her soft opening and they are still coming back week after week.

There are many others I did not meet but got to hear about from stories, Christa, a fellow blogger from Cochrane, Pauline, who works in Cochrane and visits GF Patisserie often, then there are Paul, Tracey, Brayden and Darby, three of them from one family afflicted with Celiacs disease.

Thank you.


ellorneo said...

Oh wow! The shop looks great! Unfortunately I didn't make it out there yesterday. I took my wife to Bragg Creek (Elbow Falls) instead. It was beautiful weather, that's for sure!

But definitely the next time we're in Cochrane we'll stop by. You've got our tastebuds going!

H.Peter said...

Did you take the bike? Bragg Creek is always full of motor bikes on the weekend.
Seems like a gorgeous drive.

ellorneo said...

No, my wife and I headed out there in the car. She won't go on the bike. Something about it not being her thing :-)

Nicole said...

The shop looks really nice! Did your wife paint the green tree on the wall? That looks super awesome!

I also think it is really nice of you to start a blog for people with celiac and to showcase your wife's amazing talent :o)

H.Peter said...

The green tree on the wall is a decal (sp?) that she bought somewhere.

Well, truth is, I was looking for something to blog about and that whole gluten free concept with teh bakery seemed like a good idea.

We will see

J-Bird said...

The bakery looks lovely! Thanks for the comment about my post regarding celiac and religion. I don't have celiac myself, but have friends who are; unfortunately, Alberta is a bit far afield for us here in Vancouver, but I'll be sure to pass it along to them!