Friday, September 19, 2008


This Saturday, Victoria and Lauren will introduce some very exciting new treats at GF Patisserie. One of them, Madame Matisse' Flour Less Chocolate Cake is hands down my personal favorite of all.

Madame Matisse is a tiny little bistro on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles where we first had this amazing cake. They were nice enough to provide us with parts of the recipe, however Victoria first had to figure out a way to make it as airy as them, before she could name the cake after the restaurant. Very light due to the amount of eggs and rich in flavor from the Callebaut chocolate. The trick is in the preparation, but as usual, Victoria won't tell me. STILL, THE BEST!

New as well, Pumpkin cake (it is Fall after all), brownies and the apple tarts.
On the savory side, Lauren has expanded her Quiche selection, you can now choose from a trio of tasty flavors. I can't remember what the flavors are, just email or drop in on Saturday. I had one with mushrooms and parsley, all fresh, a qick pop in the microwave to heat, just excellent.


Christa said...

oh NO!!!! seriously, I am in trouble... all of this looks SO good! can't wait to try... everything!

ellorneo said...

I'm in trouble too!