Friday, September 19, 2008


Not that I am running out of ideas for cooking, I just plain and simple love Risotto.

I must give credit where credit is due though, my buddy Bruno reintroduced me to this traditional Italian dish a few month ago.

He had our family over for dinner one night and being Italian he had to cook a multi course meal of course, one of which was the best Risotto I had in Canada. That brought back the idea....

I used to make it years ago, but not until after that evening at Bruno's house did I start making it again. So I am back at it. Love it. Thanks to Bruno. (Who cooks many other great things too, unlike me).
If you are taking Lipitor or any other Cholesterol lowering medication, please stop reading now. This is only one 911 Call away from a heart attack type of Risotto.
Some call it Risotto Carbonara, in northern Italy they just call it what it is. Risotto with Speck.

After browning the bacon, I used half of the remaining bacon fat to quickly fry the rice before adding the stock and spices.
Maybe not the healthiest way to cook, but that's where all the flavor is. Can't help it. Salt alone won't do here, it needs that bacon flavor. Through and through. Parmesan cheese is low in fat anyway.... Try it. You will like it.


Anonymous said...

that risotto looks ah-mazing! We've been eating the box kind, by Lundburg (yes, gf), in creamy parmesan... it's not bad, but yours looks way better!

Anonymous said...

I've never had risotto. Maybe it's time to try it. I saw Jamie Oliver make it for a bunch of monks on TV and it looked pretty good (they even asked for seconds).

H.Peter said...

Hey Christa,

so easy to make fresh...even I can do it.

H.Peter said...


I enjoy Jamie Oliver's shows. One of the best.That's what cooking is all about, basics, good quality and no BS.

How is the plane coming along? one cool looking machine. What is it for?

Anonymous said...

I think I'd like risotto. I love watchign Jamie's shows, but I shy away from trying his recipes as some of them are probably too exotic (ie squid) for my liking.

The planes are mostly built for people who have a hobby for flying. The spaceship plane is owned by a guy who lives in the Bahamas, the other plane is for a guy to shuttle his family back and forth between Calgary and his home in Arizona. An upcoming plane is a Spitfire replica (so cool) and another is for a guy who has property in BC.