Saturday, August 23, 2008


When you live with a Celiac it usually is a habit changing relationship. Not only with your significant other, as we adapt to bizarre rituals in an around the kitchen, or cook so very different than what we were used to before we met you, but also our own relationship with food. We care deeply for our gluten challenged family members and do anything to see them get good quality GLUTEN FREE food, which in itself can be very rewarding for all. It does make us happy to see you happy over food.
Not to mention the actual health benefits for ourselves by cutting out that glue like substance.

Once in a while though (some more than others), we have this massive craving for regular food stuff. Full of Gluten. No excuses.
Especially when eating out, where we won't experience those long term guilt syndroms for contaminating the kitchen sink with crumbs, or get the evil eye for using the same knife we cut the bread with, to spread butter AND honey on this excellent crusty bun we just bought at COBBS Bakery.
So much easier at a restaurant, just sit at opposite ends of the table. And dig in. Go for it.
So, recently on a trip to Edmonton, Victoria gave in to my subtle (maybe they weren't so subtle after all?) whiny remarks for all things Italian.
"Fine", she said, "Let's go for Pizza." Hallelujah.
After eating all the rice noodles, curries and GF Mexican food I can handle, I get to eat PIZZA! MY PIZZA! Do I know a place.....

Dear Celiacs, if you are ever in Edmonton and your Non Celiac partner likes thin crust Pizza, check out FAMOSO on Jasper Avenue. Original Neapolitan thin crust Pizza. Imported flour, imported tomatoes and fresh Mozzarella cheese. Your spouse will thank you and pay you back in spades. Trust me.

They do make a very very good Caesar's salad (See? we always think of you), just tell them to hold the croutons. Next time we go back to "A Tasty Menu" again and watch you eat your food.

P.S. Foto credits go to this guy:

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