Monday, August 04, 2008


OK. Done. Booked a flight. Back to Europe.
15 years ago I made the decision to move to North America. And I chose Calgary. Though not as European as Montreal, but much more down to earth, cleaner and as good as anything, if not better than what I could have settled for on this continent.

Though we did a stint in the United States for a few years, Calgary is home. For all of our family.
Austria, where I was born, is my favorite "former" home. My family is still there, so that is always the best excuse to visit. This trip is booked for the end of August and I am able to combine it with business. Even better.

Can't wait. Here are some images, where I will be staying.

Hinterstoder, my village, is located in a remote valley in the alps. Well known for skiing and mountain climbing to most Austrians and Germans, it somewhat resembles Banff without the Japanese and commerce. Only 900 souls call this village home, so you can imagine how peaceful it can be. Or boring. Depends what type of holiday you look for I guess.
P.S. The aerial image of Hinterstoder is borrowed from this wonderful blog about Paragliding. Check it out. My thanks go to Schirmherr.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to visit that part of the world... I've never come close, but hope to soon!

Georg said...

Hallo Peter!

Schöne Grüße aus der Heimat!Selbstverständlich kannst du das Foto verwenden. Du bist also ausgewandert? Das klingt ja spannend! Vielleicht sieht man sich ja wenn du Ende August nach Hinterstoder kommst. Zumindest aus der Luft:-)!

Viele Grüße aus Linz,


H.Peter said...

Hallo Georg,

danke fuers Foto.
Werde auf Deinem Blog was hin haengen, wegen Hinterstoder.


A Canadian Foodie said...

I am so excited! I will get to live vicariously through you! Vanja's cousin was the executive chef at the restaurant across the street from teh parliament buildings in Vienna - the Lantmark for about 5 years... and when we were there three years ago. LOVED Vienna... but, as it was a 6 week tour and we were driving, we spent an entire day with them at their home which was wonderful... did a tour or two, and spent a good portion of our last day there at the Naschmarkt. Now, THAT is an international market. Phew. Didn't get into the countryside other than driving from Budapest to Vienna and then on to Prague. We will definitely be back to do the countrysides next. Love that part of the world. Absolutely stunning. Yes, so many aspects of the quality of our life are better here... but there is something very precious about "the old world", isn't there. Lucky you, to have two homes!