Saturday, August 09, 2008


Victoria and Lauren opened the doors of GF PATISSERIE for the first time today.

Thanks to their loyal customers they met over the past 9 weeks at the Bearspaw Farmers' Market, it was busy for a very soft opening.
Over the next few weeks the place will offer more and more variety of great gluten free baked goods. Don't hold back, tell them what you would like to see there.

The only thing I will push for next summer, is an espresso cart for that fantastic deck that shop has out front. A few more of those great teak benches and you could have a great Saturday morning hang out place.


Anonymous said...

I agree, more seating and espresso would be a fantastic addition! All in due time... it's hard not to go all out though isn't it?!
I'll say it again, what a great location. Everything looked great, and as always, tasted amazing! I can't wait until Victoria brings the cinnamon buns and cream puffs to the bakery...

H.Peter said...

As Victoria and her place gets more known, I am certain she will expand.
Cochrane is such a great place for this.