Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Cochrane is growing more on me every time I visit. Yesterday we went to Pho Anh Huyen, a Vietnamese Noodle House on 5th Ave. Close to Safeway.

The decor and atmosphere remind me of a 1980's low end noodle joint in Hong Kong Harbor, with the pink walls and black vinyl chairs around those cheapo Formica top tables. Piles of spoons and chop sticks right there, ready to use...very authentic,
very stylish. In a chinese way.

But that's secondary to the food in this case. That's what is important here. It really is. Maybe close your eyes while you wait for your food. Or keep them open and imagine you are having lunch with the locals in Kowloon.
Every single dish we ordered was available gluten free. The Chicken Noodle soup and Victoria's Curry Chicken soup were outstanding in flavours. Strong pungent spices with fresh vegetables.
The size of servings are almost prohibitive to eat by yourself, so those buckets of soup you get are great to share or take home for a full second meal. Or in Victoria's case...three meals.

Next time in Cochrane, check it out.

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