Tuesday, July 29, 2008


One of my personal favorite stores to shop for groceries is this regional chain in Western Canada (5 stores in Ontario also). T&T sells predominantly Asian products, which does not mean that's all they carry. Their rice selection is by far the largest I have seen in any store in Canada.

Yesterday I went to see the store manager at the Harvest Hills location to inquire about a few things and he was very helpful.
One of the shortcomings for Celiacs is their vast selection of ready made foods, as they use exclusively Chinese soy sauces, of which none are GF. No good for Celiacs. Stay away.

However, if you spend some time and go from aisle to aisle, you can find some real treasures to cook with.
Indonesian Trasi (Shrimp paste) for Nasi Goreng, Tom Yam for Thai Coconut soup, a large selection of GF noodles and many more snacks and ingredients that are just very very unique.

Their fresh seafood section offers everything you need to make a great fish based soup or curry.

If you get their flyer, it is well worth it to check out their meat specials as well, last week it was beef tenderloin. Too fresh to cook right away, I usually let the filet dry age in my fridge for about two weeks before using it.
If you like vegetables, local or exotic, you will love T&T. For a real spectacle go on a weekend when all the Asian population seems to shop and watch them select their veggies. Funny stuff.
I bought Basil yesterday, you get about five times more for your money than what you would get at COOP or Safeway.


Anonymous said...

T&T is one of my favorite places! I haven't been there in a really long time, and the only one I've been to is the one in the NE. I'll have to definitely check out the Harvest Hills one very soon :)

H.Peter said...

The Harvest Hills location is open for maybe 18 month only, so it is still clean and abrighter as well.

Same bargains. Same fanatic crowd...