Saturday, July 26, 2008


For me, Pulcinella's in Kensington makes the best Pizza in Calgary. If you like thin crust.
Not such a good place for Celiacs. Flour all over the place. It's not dusty in that place, it's floury.
Nevertheless one day I took Victoria there, if not to eat, but for her to see what makes their Pizza stand out.

Good dough of course, but also simple, fresh ingredients. More is less on a Pizza, plain tomato sauce, fresh basil and Buffalo Mozzarella is all you need for the perfect Pizza Margarita. I likes some meat on mine, a good Salami (not Pepperoni), or Prosciutto. Or both for me. Anchovies give it a nice salty kick. Yes, I know, Anchovies?....just try it once, you may start liking anchovies!

One very important matter is the baking process. Not everybody has a wood fired Pizza oven, but heat is key. GF dough takes longer to bake as well, so it is maybe better to prebake the bottom a bit, otherwise the toppings get over cooked. Sort of happened today....they still turned out better than any Pizza Victoria made me eat from any gluten free places. MUCH BETTER!

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