Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We looked everywhere since back in Canada, but cannot get this cereal anywhere. Regular grocery stores or health food stores.

Lucky for us, my dear friend Tim from Las Vegas sends us a box here and there to satisfy the cravings.

Made by Kraft Foods for Post, when you call their 800#, depending on who is answering, they will tell you that Cocoa Pebbles are made in a dedicated facility. No cross contamination. The next phone call may sound totally different..Over all the years both Victoria and Isabella never had a reaction, so we consider it safe.

This rice based cereal is by far Isabella's favorite, she especially likes the chocolate flavored milk that's left in the bowl after she is done with the cereal. So on your next trip to the States, buy some! No other chocolate based cereal comes even close, says Isabella.


Shakespere said...

Wow. Interesting post. I enjoyed your blog.

H.Peter said...

Thank you. And you are welcome.