Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today is Samantha's birthday. Samantha is Lauren's sister.

Lauren can't wait to have a permanent location for GF Patisserie to showcase her true love, fine pastries and cake decorating. Until then she keeps practicing recipes and refining them to perfection.
She is very talented and since childhood told her mother that she wants to be a pastry chef. When Lauren was 16, we decided to send her to Austria for a 6 week "Pastry chef boot camp" at an old friend of mine's bakery in Baden near Vienna.
The goal was to see if she could tough it out, getting up at 4am, working at the bottom of the totem pole, cleaning the pans and pots for the head pastry chef, etc.
Well, a couple of years later, here she is, helping Victoria turning GF Patisserie into a big success.

For today's celebrations Lauren baked a gluten free chocolate cake, with a truffle creme filling (think Bailey's for flavoring) and a light cocoa butter creme icing. Needless to say, all had second helpings and not much is left. I was able to stash a piece for breakfast. And I deserve it.

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