Sunday, June 22, 2008


Marillenknoedel we call them in Austria. A summer time favorite as a main course or dessert, the dumplings are served in two variations. Potato dough, or "Topfen", a type of cream cheese.

In the past, especially while living in the US, I always went the potato route, as I never was able to find that special cream cheese. It resembles Ricotta. To my surprise I found it here in Calgary.

Quark, the German name, makes for a lighter dough than the potato version. I used Victoria's flour mix to bind the mass and it worked to perfection. Great flavor. I roasted bread crumbs from an old loaf of Victoria's bread in loads of butter, added a quarter of icing sugar, rolled the Knoedel until covered with that buttery crumb mixture.


Chris said...

Those do like tasty! Wish we had some Topfen here, although the strained yogurt worked well, it doesn't have the right flavor.
Nice to see that it can be made gluten-free as well!
Oh, do you have a good recipe for the potato version? I can never figure out which potatoes are mehlig verses speckig here and so mine haven't turned out well...

Peter said...

Hi Chris,

SD, I always enjoyed visiting that city.
We lived in Vegas for 8 years and when all the Californians came on weekends to Vegas, we went to California.

The best potatos for the dough are the big ones, the ones you would buy for making baked potatoes. Sehr mehlig.
send email address I willdig out a good recipe.