Monday, June 30, 2008


It turns out that Victoria's bread is selling out every Sunday at the Farmers' Market. So a logic plan is to expand the variety of breads offered.
Today Lauren started to experiment with cheese buns. They turned out very well in fluffiness with a delicious crust. After everybody in the house tasted them, the conclusion is that they need more flavored cheese. So stay tuned, they just maybe ready in time for Sunday, July 6th.
Victoria has found a recipe for raisin bread and will start experimenting tonight.

On a separate note, tomorrow Victoria is signing a lease for a space in Cochrane. Full details to follow soon.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Went to the Farmers Market today at the Currie Barracks and the new City Palate was out. Their summer issue. We always read this magazine, it is published 6 times a year, and more than once follow their scribes to discover a new restaurant or store. At my opinion the best worthwhile read in Calgary. But then I love food, so yes, it is a biased opinion.

Not only are the articles really worth reading and informative, their layout and design team really makes this magazine a must pick up. Colorful and creative, page after page. Not just fluff articles, but great stories, sometimes even about travel abroad.

On page 40, under the heading STOCKPOT, GF Patisserie got a mention for 100% gluten free baked goods. Victoria is very excited. And so she should be.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today is Samantha's birthday. Samantha is Lauren's sister.

Lauren can't wait to have a permanent location for GF Patisserie to showcase her true love, fine pastries and cake decorating. Until then she keeps practicing recipes and refining them to perfection.
She is very talented and since childhood told her mother that she wants to be a pastry chef. When Lauren was 16, we decided to send her to Austria for a 6 week "Pastry chef boot camp" at an old friend of mine's bakery in Baden near Vienna.
The goal was to see if she could tough it out, getting up at 4am, working at the bottom of the totem pole, cleaning the pans and pots for the head pastry chef, etc.
Well, a couple of years later, here she is, helping Victoria turning GF Patisserie into a big success.

For today's celebrations Lauren baked a gluten free chocolate cake, with a truffle creme filling (think Bailey's for flavoring) and a light cocoa butter creme icing. Needless to say, all had second helpings and not much is left. I was able to stash a piece for breakfast. And I deserve it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I like Flickr. A very useful tool for sending loads of images at once. I use it for my business all the time.
Now I started a set for Victoria's GF Patisserie. So far there are 138, random, unorganized images uploaded. Most are from my posts, some are from travels.

Just click on the link below:

Monday, June 23, 2008


Fresh bread for the family. No better time to make sandwiches. A quick egg salad, sliced radishes and and some Soppressata, dinner is done in 10 minutes.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Marillenknoedel we call them in Austria. A summer time favorite as a main course or dessert, the dumplings are served in two variations. Potato dough, or "Topfen", a type of cream cheese.

In the past, especially while living in the US, I always went the potato route, as I never was able to find that special cream cheese. It resembles Ricotta. To my surprise I found it here in Calgary.

Quark, the German name, makes for a lighter dough than the potato version. I used Victoria's flour mix to bind the mass and it worked to perfection. Great flavor. I roasted bread crumbs from an old loaf of Victoria's bread in loads of butter, added a quarter of icing sugar, rolled the Knoedel until covered with that buttery crumb mixture.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


When in Rome do as the Romans do. Or adapt to the culture you live in.

So. We live in Alberta. What do Albertans do? They BBQ. A LOT!!!

When I first moved to Calgary, one of the strongest impressions were those rusty BBQ's on all the balconies in the belt line district. A very uncommon sight in Europe, let me tell you.

So I BBQ. Not as good as Victoria, she has more patience, but I am getting there. One day. Maybe. She thinks not.

I am sure most of the Celiacs reading this blurb are already aware, but I have to give a plug to this Calgary based company called Cattle Boyz Foods. I obviously need a gluten free sauce to go with all that meat I am going to grill. And I found one.CATTLE BOYZ ORIGINAL at Sobey's. Right there, bottom right hand side of the label, readable without glasses, or any other reading aides,

Impressive, a company that cares about you celiacs. And it tastes OUTSTANDING. Really.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


What makes a good apple pie? The crust? The filling? I guess a combination of both is important isn't it?

It is still unofficial and I am not supposed to post (jinx) it, but Victoria is negotiating a new lease in Cochrane. After the last location fell through due to a really stupid mix up by the (also stupid) realtor, Victoria is keeping this one tight to her chest for now.
Anyway. In anticipation for that new store, both Lauren and Victoria are testing new and old recipes of cakes, pies, torten and other baked goods, which they are not able to sell at the Bearspaw market, due to health regulations. They will be available in the store only. Something about perishable goods.

My role in this whole venture is that of chief food tester, a truly important and enviable position, but I think it cannot be good for me. Yesterday I overheard Victoria and Lauren compare me to Homer Simpson behind my back. Hmmmm. What did they mean by that?

Today it was apple pie. Lauren made both the crust (obvious) and the filling from scratch for an excellent version of a GF apple pie. I really believe that the fillings in 99% of the places who sell pies are out of a can which really makes for a generic taste from the HYATT Hotel to the 16th Avenue Diner.

Lauren started with Granny Smith apples for tartness, added brown sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice and a bit of butter for the filling. Add a great flaky dough with her passion for baking and out comes an old fashioned home made apple pie.

Yes, I added whipped cream and ice cream.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Victoria introduced a new bread today, Italian flat bread with sea salt and herbs. All her repeat clients from last weekend picked up a loaf and the bread sold as fast as the regular type.

Also first time at market was Victoria's flour mix, so you can make your own bread throughout the week and come back on Sundays for more.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Despite some unseasonal cold and wet weather today, many of you brave people made the trek out to Bearspaw and emptied out GF PATISSERIE on their only second time out to market. By 2.30pm all was gone except some Chocolate rice puff squares. Victoria and Lauren are very thankful and wanted me to express that to you.

First to go was the bread, closely followed by the lemon loaf and marble loaf and of course those butter tarts. They will even run their first delivery tommorrow to a lady who could not make it to the market and very much wants to try it all. This delivery service is something Victoria is pondering right now and will probably offer after the Bearspaw market closes. Unless she finds a good replacement spot. Any input, any advise?

GF PATISSERIE has booked a commercial kitchen all day Friday and Saturday, to ramp up production. If you want to pre order, please email Victoria direct: .