Thursday, May 08, 2008


Calgary weather. Many jokes you've heard. But let's be honest, fun it is not! Today is May 8th, we are back from Vegas for almost two years, but I doubt we can ever get used to a snowy backyard this time of year. The fog is so thick, we can't see the neighbor's house across the fence. What does help though is good, homemade food that warms the belly and soul on a day like this. I love to make Risotto and it just cheers the whole family up when they get it. So this is a Risotto day, if there ever needs to be one.

Simple to make, few gluten free ingredients needed and you get a great meal in less than 30 minutes. I made mushroom risotto for us using a great GF & organic chicken stock from Costco. Served with extra parmesan and a few drips of truffle oil......uhm, let's say is $24.00 good. Per person!!

Not being a Celiac, I must admit that with a little bit of extra time at the grocery store or your favorite food market, one can learn quickly to buy GF. I was amazed at the beginning in what types of product I would find wheat, even as absurd as orange juice (Sunny D.) and cold cuts. Now though, I see it as a challenge to buy better, which not always means more expensive. Will go shopping soon and write about it.
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