Friday, May 02, 2008


Isabella, our youngest, loves going to school. Every morning bright and early she is ready to go, really looking forward to a day in school with her friends and teachers. A few years ago we switched her to a gluten free diet as well, since Isabella suffers from Absence seizures, a mild form of Epilepsy. One day she will grow out of it, as most kids do.

Lunch is an important part of her school routine, socializing time with her peers and compare what's packed for lunch. Lucky me, I have Victoria's bread always in the freezer, ready sliced. Amazing how well her bread freezes, no crumbling or dryness as I have experienced in some of the store bought breads. I just pop a couple of slices in the toaster for 90 seconds, lightly brown it, add some Mayo, cold cuts and cheese. Delicious. Dutiful husband and father that I am, I even make sure we only have gluten free cold cuts in the house. I found FREYBE, a Vancouver based company to be the best. Huge selection and 100% gluten free.

To round off the lunch package, I always add fruits or vegetables, some snack and a bottle of chocolate milk.

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