Monday, May 05, 2008


City palate, a local foodie magazine wrote a very short blurb in their latest issue about Cafe Beano's butter tarts. Well, I very much agree with their comments of them being a very good versions of those sweet little treats. We go there once in a while, as their chocolate milkshake also ranks in the top 3 of all milkshakes ever tasted. I can eat their butter tarts, but Victoria and Isabella can't. Of course I had to point out the short write up to Victoria and explain why I had to have one every time we go there......I should have known better. Nothing like a good pastry challenge for Victoria.

So this morning over coffee Victoria casually mentions her goal of the day is to master the perfect butter tart. Oh good, more calorie bombs for me, is all that went through my head. Like I need it.

No raisins in the pantry. Over and out, no butter tarts. I was 100% sure Victoria would abandon her quest today and maybe try some other time, or even better, just forget about it and let me eat my tarts at Beano.

But we have Cranberries......ugh, here we go. And she did it. Not only is the crust very,very good and tasty, the Cranberries instead of raisins give this traditional recipe a twist to the better. Tart tarts? Still sweet, but a nice touch to the whole thing.

Available this summer at GF PATISSERIE and Bearspaw Farmer's Market.

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