Thursday, December 18, 2008


How do you like Calgary now? Got stuck on Deerfoot yet? Cold enough for you?

Anyway, let's not complain too much. Still a great city. But I really think we should invite Al Gore for a lecture on global warming.....that'll go over well here.

Due to the weather, Victoria's delivery requests spiked quite a bit over the last week or so. No surprise, people do not want to miss her great gluten free baking, but they also do not want to go on the road with all that ice and snow.

Peter to the rescue. I deliver to your door. Yes, just call Victoria and order. I drive to you. I enjoy it. Not the drive. But the actual delivery. Seeing the smiles when I show up and give the customers their weekly order, or today's surprise gluten free birthday cake. Happy Birthday Brenda.

It's a great Christmas feeling!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Victoria's bakery made it into the business section of today's Calgary Herald (Dec 15th). Every Monday they have an "Open For Business" section and they featured GF Patisserie.

Nice image of Lauren and her Linzer Torte. I could not find the image online, but here is the short write up for them:

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Calgary, December 13th 2008. -24 Celsius (-11F for my american friends) at 8am.


Lauren went to work with her mother today, so for a change we were all home for breakfast. That has become a rare occasion in our house.
Here is what we had for breakfast. Can you guess who had what?

-Espresso with Gluten Free Vanilla Crescents (lots of them)
-GF Patisserie's Gluten Free Raisin Bread with St. Andre Brie Cheese
-Cocoa Pebbles (the best gluten free cereal!!)
-GF Patisserie's Gluten Free Raisin Bread with Cream Cheese

Friday, December 12, 2008


Lauren again! Theceliachusband has deemed me the official guestwriter...

So today I write to you about fruit tarts!
We've done a couple other things using our pie dough (butter tarts and Quiches), and I was looking for something really colourful to put in the display for this weekend.
Good thing most of them sold today, since the weather tomorrow isn't looking in our favour (think -35 C with windchill...brrrr).

But there is nothing better for colour than bright fruits...glazed on a bed of pastry cream in a chocolate painted shell.

Once again, simple ingredients produce the best results...even mum (aka Victoria or the Celiac of the family) who isn't a fan of custards or custard-like creams ate two! And they're four inches in size...I wonder if there will be one left for me??


Total random images from my last trip to China. Mixture of my work, things you see on teh road and a couple of shots from my room of Shanghai. If you want to know more, just post a question...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I am very sorry for that mish mash of images, I had to go on Flickr to search for better pictures. Victoria brought home some gluten free Vanilla crescents today, but the whole family started eating them before I was able to take a few good images. Thanks to all the good photogs on Flickr.

The very first cookie every mother in Austria teaches her children to make, is a Vanillekipferl. A nut based crescent shaped cookie that is dusted with vanilla and icing sugar.

The kids all get a few balls of dough and under the careful eye of mom they would form the balls into small pinkie sized rolls before being bent into the shape of a crescent. Fond memories, fond memories. I loved baking.

Even though I am married to a Celiac, my mother to this day sends me a tin full of Kipferl every Christmas. Lauren and I polish them off usually before Christmas.
I told my mother recently to save her postage this year because GF Patisserie will make Christmas Cookies. I know there is a tin full on the way...she will never stop to send me my Christmas Hamper.

I have to tell you, dear gluten intolerant people of Calgary and surrounding areas, this Chistmas is for you. I don't say this lightly, or because Victoria is my darling, but Lauren and Victoria are baking up some magic for you. Every cookie that I have tasted so far, including the Rum Truffles, taste incredibly Christmassy (if that is a word). GO GET SOME!

Monday, December 08, 2008


theceliachusband is still a little jetlagged from his trip. Didn't even remember talking to me when I came home today, and an hour later looked at me in surprise...
So, I'm here to write to you again!
I just love the holiday season, there's so much to be had that you can only get at this time of year. Everyone has a favourite, and the gingerbread man is definitely at the top.
Saturday I test baked a batch, and everyone recognized the sweet smell of ginger, cinnamon, and butter. (We weren't kidding when we said we wanted to bring you the sensual experience of a fresh bakery...)
So this week there will be plenty available...and I'll definitely be making a gingerbread house. And of course I'll be singing the gingerbread man song..."Run, run as fast as you can!"