Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Still nothing exciting to tell you or blog about. But I finally had a chance to look at Isabella's picture files, she saved up over 800 pictures since leaving Jarnac. Parts Canada, parts road trip and parts here in California. 
Isabella has a completely different way of looking at subjects and to be honest, they are so much cooler than my pictures. And Isabella has the better camera too.
Here are some samples of what I saw on her iPad.


Monday, October 20, 2014


Not quite sure yet what to Blog about since arriving here, for today's blurb, just some images of this weekend. We went to visit some open houses, part of getting to know the lay of the land for me. 
Neighborhoods, directions, all part of fine tuning my inner GPS. 

We stumbled across a family run smoked meats place in Cathedral City, very tasty ribs amongst other things.
 I had to run down to the coast mid week and took a picture of traffic going through Riverside. One thing I did not miss at all while in France....but Talk radio kept me entertained on the drive. I sense a vicious political climate here in America. 

The weather in Coachella valley is holding up nice, you can see they are still running the misters outside patios to cool off patrons dining Al Fresco. 
Enjoy the pictures.